The Bible Case for Instrumental Music

The Bible Case for Instrumental Music


Bob Ballard has often come to the discussion of instrumental music to accompany singing in worship. In 25 years of Bible College teaching the discussion has surfaced in the classroom often. Being in instrumental churches most of his life, he also has many friends in the non-instrumental churches of Christ. He is now attending both fellowships. Both groups love the Lord and have a desire to follow the scriptures in seeking God's will and attempting to please Him. This book is an attempt to get dialogue between the two groups. In recent years much progress has been made in bringing fellowship and unity between two groups with the same roots, but have been far apart over a disagreement over the use of the instrument with the signing of the worship service. This book refers to the over 180 places in the Bible where instrumental music is used to praise God. The book tries to arrive at the conclusion a man would derive if he had never read the Bible before and now reads it for the first time, using all the scriptures in the Bible on instrumental music. The motive behind the writing of this book by Bob Ballard is to develop fellowship and unity between brothers.

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Dr Robert D Ballard
Paperback | 104 pages
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30 Aug 2007
Xulon Press
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