Injured Cougar : A Romantic Fantasy

Injured Cougar : A Romantic Fantasy


Injured Cougar is a romantic fantasy about a senior woman who has reached a crossroads in her life. After working for forty-five years in difficult, high-stress jobs, she now finds herself in retirement and in a round-the-clock care-giver role supporting her 97 year-old mother. After her mother's death, she discovers that she is rapidly losing her health. She will soon be a cripple and painfully wheel-chair bound unless she takes draconian measures to save herself. Still a spry, attractive-looking woman who could pass for a woman ten years younger, she is still slim, knows how to dress well and is intellectually capable and fun-loving. She tells herself that she "has just begun to fight and this time the fight is for her." She searches for the best orthopedic surgeon to perform two difficult joint replacement operations-a total knee replacement and a hip revision and a second hip replacement on the same hip. She makes an excellent choice in the surgeon-one of the best in North America. Then she discovers that he has a dark secret that she must share with him in order to survive. She ends up saving them both.

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Violet Lee Hunt
Paperback | 108 pages
133 x 203 x 6mm | 118g
Publication date
14 Aug 2011
Old Ann Press